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I signed up with North American Bancard on 10/07. At that time I was told they accepted Voyager and Wright Express. After several months of calling my Rep. about not being able to process these cards I was told they are still working on it. Then finally in May of 08 I told my Rep. I was tired of Paying 2 different credit card companies And I wanted to cancel.

I was paying One to process Wright Express and the other for all the other cards. Note: I never cancelled the agreement with the company I had before North American Bancard. The problem with that is I was still be charged for several months after that. Every month I would call & I was told ... we never received a cancel letter... I would fax it again. Then finally in Sept. of 08 I talked to "A Manager" who told me that the contract had been bought out by them and my Rep had no right to make any changes to my account or cancel it. Therefore... my account was still active and I was still being charged. He gave me 2 options. 1 - I could cancel with acct. but he couldn't refund the charges I have been paying since my May, when I THOUGHT I cancelled. 2 - I could the account and he would sign me up for different account. Yeah - I'm going to do that!! NO!!!

So... as of today... still waiting for my account to be cancelled and still paying the monthly fees - even though I haven't used the machine since May of 08. Need I say more about this wonderful Company? I think Not!!!!

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